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Referrals Are Getting An Upgrade!

ResiDex and RTasks have provided the capability to generate a Clinical Referral with just a few clicks for those times you need to send a resident out of the building to see another health care provider. A Clinical Referral pulls in all the details the resident's doctors, dentists and others providers may need to see, and have places for those doctors to send back notes, instructions, or other feedback. Now, Clinical Referrals in RTasks & ResiDex are getting an upgrade!

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It's Time.

ResiDex is proud to announce the initial release of a staff time clock capability in RTasks! The ability for users to punch in and out of their shift has long been a highly requested feature of ResiDex users, and now it is finally here.

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Restrict RTasks Access for your staff

RTasks has long had the ability for organizations to limit certain staff members to log in only from preauthorized locations - we call this functionality "IP Address Restriction," and this week it's gotten a big boost.

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